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Division of Transplantation

Division of Transplantation at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

» Devon John, M.D.
» Nabil Sumrani, M.D.
» Dale Distant, M.D.
» Joon Hong, M.D., PhD

The Division of Transplantation is a nationally recognized center for excellence in renal transplantation. Our team has performed over 3,200 kidney transplants since the program's inception in 1972.

Each patient is carefully screened and followed by an experienced team of surgeons, physicians, nurses, coordinators and social workers, with 24 hour availability.

Vascular access and peritoneal access for chronic dialysis is also offered in conjunction with an outstanding Nephrology Division to round out the patient's option for renal replacement.

Our Staff

Elaina M. Green, MHA - Senior Associate Administrator, Transplant and ESRD Product Lines
Roberto Rauda, PA
Sheila Philemond, PA
Rosita Clayton, RN - Transplant Coordinator
Victoria Maursky, RN, MS - Transplant Coordinator
Muriel Briggs, RN - Transplant Coordinator
Maxine Easy, RN - Transplant Coordinator
Alana Byum, NP
Dara Stephenson, NP
Lyudmila Elgort, NP
Michelle Karloff, LCSW
Susan Sanders, LCSW
Andrea Johnson, Outreach Coordinator
Mary Fontenelle, Outreach Coordinator
Vivian Vivian Reyes-Schabloski, Staff Associate
Audrey Pye-Bey, Staff Associate